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I’ve never been a good speaker, and I’ve struggled with speech my entire life. I enjoy documenting, taking notes, and organizing my thoughts on paper. I have a million journals and binders, and I write just about everything down. In college, I took Photo 1 as an elective, and it changed my direction in life. I discovered a new outlet to document the things around me. It was exciting! After that semester, I changed my major, and began my journey in photography.

I am continually training and learning different techniques. Every session teaches me something new that I’ll carry with me and build upon. I cherish every photo, and spend an excessive amount of time critiquing my work. I’m not consumed with mastering it all, but I revel in the thought of being in a profession that allows such growth and vision. Every subject I shoot becomes a part of my heritage, and I value each of them immensely.

My style is documentary. To create from what is, to tell a story, and to show the beauty of being natural. I love to capture people in their element, doing what they do. Real smiles and raw affection.

…and her family

I am the mother to 3 incredible boys, and the luckiest wife in the world!




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